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XZertz™ Precision Retractable Dowel Pins

Brand new, patent-pending product, screws in like a bolt, but locates like a dowel pin! When used in an Elijah Tooling modular fixture, in the multi-purpose hole, it can be screwed in flush, below the surface of the fixture plate. When needed, it screws back up to locate the workpiece.

For use in positioning anywhere ease of use is an advantage. The Xzertz™ Precision Retractable Dowel Pin can be stowed in the multi-purpose hole, then screwed up when in use. Screw back down when no longer in use. Use these versatile locators with parts, fixtures, or any device that requires location.

  • Case hardened stainless steel, Rc 55-60
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Screws in with a hex wrench

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SKUItemOnline PriceBuyCAD
ELT-RXZ-.500x.980-1-1 ELT-RXZ-.500-1.050-3-1 Diameter: .4998"/.5003" X 1.05 OAL
Case: Hardened Stainless
Thread Size: 1/2"-13
Hex Size: 5/32"
ELT-RXZ-.375x.980-1-1 ELT-RXZ-.375x1.050-1-1 Diameter: .3749"/.3747"
Thread Size: 3/8"-16
Hex Size: 5/32"
ELT-RXZ-.375x.980-2-1 ELT-RXZ-.375x1.050-2-1 Diameter: .3747"/.3743"
Thread Size: 3/8"-16
Hex Size: 5/32"

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