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Invert-A-Bolt™ Universal Common Modular Fixtures (UCMF)
Custom Workholding Subplates

The cost savings derived from using IVB UCMFs are numerous and especially applicable in a lean manufacturing environment:

  • Elimination of tool design of dedicated fixtures
  • Elimination of manufacture of dedicated fixtures
  • Elimination of storing & maintaining dedicated fixtures
  • Elimination of tool rework for engineering changes to part definition
  • Elimination of duplicate fixturing
  • Elimination of capital investment represented by dedicated fixturing
  • Establishment of standardized work holding techniques
  • Opportunity to benefit from "quick-change" pallet solutions
  • Opportunity to benefit from the Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners unique holding solution: ease of programming, reduced setup times, reduced obstruction to machining, and characteristics that allow for special use situations

Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) Universal Common Modular Fixtures (UCMF) are subplates that are typically used in a lean manufacturing environment, especially for high-speed machining. These unique fixtures, loaded on a tombstone type tooling block, can be used to tool for multiple machining operations all in one setup.

IVB Systems Make The Difference

Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) Universal Common Modular Fixture (UCMF) plates consist of a tooling plate with multi-purpose holes (bushed and in-line threaded holes) and IVB fastener locations. This flat plate fixture is ideal for machining just about any kind of part, either from raw stock, casting, forging or other configuration. Raw stock ("picture framed") parts can be located with the bushings and held by IVB fasteners. Castings, forgings and other configurations can be held/located using modular fixturing components at the the multi-purpose hole locations.

Our Modular Fixturing Systems Work With Nearly All Manufacturers

Multi-Purpose HoleUCMFs* are usually constructed from steel, but are also available in cast iron, aluminum or as specified by the Customer. These versatile fixtures consist of Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners and multi-purpose holes set on typical centers. Generally each fixture includes lift holes, Sine Key and/or locator key holes (for location of fixture plate), socket head cap screw holes (for hold down to the baseplate or machine bed) as well as scribed information for row and column designations. The tolerances employed vary based upon the size of the fixture, but can be held as closely as +/- .0010" on thickness, holding flatness and parallelity as close as possible. Sine Key locations are set on either or both the horizontal and vertical axes. All multi-purpose hole locations for Zipbushing™ Precision Threaded Locator Bushings and sine key holes are typically held +/-.001" from Horizontal and Vertical Center Lines and +/-.0005” hole to hole. These fixtures are versatile enough to be used in many different manufacturing applications. Turnkey the whole setup through us, today!

*Made to order plate configurations are available. Call toll free 877-462-BOLT for further information. For more information about UCMFs and Lean Manufacturing, click here.

Just because it doesn't show up on this list doesn't mean we can't provide it - Call or e-mail for your made to order UCMF!
Part Number Plate Size Fastener Type
Number of
Locator Size Fastener & Locator
Bolt Up Pattern Price CAD
MF-AA02-300-001-375-003 12"x20"x1.9" AA02 104 .375"/ 3/8"-16 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
UCMF-AA02-500-009 14"x14"x1.5" AA02 84 .500"/ 1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
MF-AA02-015-001-500-015 14"x25"x1.9" AA02 72 .500"/ 1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
MF-AA02-300-001-375-001 16"x20"x1.9" AA02 142 .375"/ 3/8"-16 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
UCMF-AA02-2424-500-001 24"x24"x1.9" AA02 264 .500"/1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
MF-AA03-015-001-500-003 24"x24"x1.9" AA03 121 .500"/1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
MF-AA03-150-001-500-005 24"x24"x1.9" AA03 121 .500"/1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
UCMF-AA02-5224-500-001 52"x24"x1.9" AA02 586 .500"/1/2"-13 2" x 2" standard 2" x 2" standard Quoted CAD
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