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Our clients have had some great things to say about our products and about doing business with us. Read what they have to say...

Makino, Inc.
"An effective way to hold parts in structural machining..."

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  Cuttting Tooling Magazine   Jeff W.
Makino, Inc.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
"Part holding. One way GKN Aerospace has found to minimize fixture problems is to make tapped holes in sections of the part that will later be cut away. These holes are used to bolt the part to the worktable [using Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners]. Since the bolt comes from behind the part, there is nothing on the part's surface to block the spindle's path. The cutter can reach five sides of the part, and only a single setup is needed."

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  Manufactuing Engineering Magazine    

Precision Machine & Manufacturing        
"The fixture is working great!! No problems so far... The plate indicated across the bushings as close as you are going to check. The I29 hole is closer than you are going to check on the machine...What I meant to say was that the fixture could not have been built more accurately. Do not change a thing tolerance wise. Everything is just fine. "

"...the invert-a-bolt fixture is working excellent on our Makino A88 machine. We have even added one of our own...We use the inverta-bolt [fasteners] in our work holding scheme as often as possible....We have not done any real time study as far as savings on our IVB plate. However I am sure the numbers would look real good if they were calculated...."
  Precision Machine & Manufacturing   Ron W.

"...they are working great..."

".... we cut setup times from hours to minutes...."
  Bombardier Workholding Fixture

  Drew H.
"...We are very pleased with the product!" Bombardier Logo Luca B.

GKN Aerospace        
"... You have a very good product....it's awesome...I wish I had thought of it!"

"... The Invert-A-Bolt™ modular fixtures in the Mazak cell are working great!
  GKN Aerospace   Paul S.
GKN Aerospace

Dan O.
GKN Aerospace

Tech Manufacturing, Inc.
"If your customers are looking for good, consistent clamping, or they are high-speed machining, where you have to be careful how to remove the material; if they have fixture management problems, or simply need a unique holding solution where having the ability to machine right over the top of these things or tuck them in close to the part is required, then I heartily recommend the use of Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners."

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  Jerry Halley of Tech Manufacturing   Jerry Halley
Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer, recognized high speed machining expert

VersaForm/ LMI Aerospace, Inc.
"The quick change invert-a-bolt project is working like a charm. The invert-a-bolts are working as planned and the operator is really happy with the setup. We are just starting the second phase of the project, of adding the roller table function, but I don’t anticipate any issues with the invert-a-bolts based on our testing and design to date. I’ll send some pictures when we get the completed roller table in place. Your product has worked as advertized, is meeting our hold-down and change out requirements and no mechanical or maintenance issues to date (probably why you haven’t heard from us).

Thanks again for all your help to date and keep rolling out the great quick change products!"
  LMI Aerospace   Elton Reid
Director of Lean
LMI Aerospace

LMI Aerospace /Precise Machine
[The fixture is] "working out pretty good, really!...
The bosses like it and are intrigued by it."

"Our setups used to take 2 hours. With your modular fixtures it only takes 20 minutes or so....

  LMI Aerospace   Larry B.
Precise Machine

Pete L.
Precise Machine

LMI Savannah/ LMI Aerospace, Inc.

"Yes, we received the aluminum T/S [Tombstone] and T-Slot vises last week and they look very good.  We have the T/S up on the second pallet on the MAG1 and will indicate it ASAP and let you know how it comes out. You all do nice work…Wink"

  LMI Aerospace   Wink R.
LMI Savannah

Focus: Hope Manufacturing
"... The first invert a bolts have been used and the personnel on the floor love them. The numbers have already sold the big cheese. Our efficiency [on this job] went from 47 to 89 percent the moment we installed the invert a bolts..."

"The minute we started using the Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners we solved our flatness and parallelity problems. We were finally able to make the part to spec."

"Increases workholding flexibility on the machine."

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  Focus: Hope Manufacturing

Focus: Hope Manufacturing Online
  Bruce O.
Focus: Hope Manuf.

Kevin G.

Focus: Hope Manuf.

Bruce O.

Focus: Hope Manuf.

Beechcraft/ Hawker Beechcraft/ Raytheon Aircraft
"...And, while these results are impressive, Raytheon Aircraft quickly realized the efficiencies high-speed machining passed on to the rest of the manufacturing process...'we consolidated tooling and eliminated other operations. By using simplified, standardized tooling, maintenance decreases and impacts overall part quality and setup time.' Raytheon Aircraft's approach to workholding also impacts setup, using what it refers to as a universal vacuum fixturing...this standardized approach to vacuum fixtures allows operators to setup smaller parts in one operation. 'The fixturing uses back bolts [Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners] and a large vacuum to hold the parts...A thin foil web is ultimately cut around the floor of the part -- about .0003 inch of material to keep the part attached to the universal fixture. When machining is complete, the vacuum is released and the part is snapped out of the surrounding material'.... Ultimately Luallen predicts certain applications could employ vacuum-free fixturing, and rely on the material surrounding the part for stability. 'This would drive out more fixturing and we would have one less system to rely on," says Luallen."

"...I'm not sure when invertabolt came out with their version but they work very well. I know at least one company that does almost all of their flat plate work on universal grid plates using these alternating with bushed holes. I believe Invertabolt or sombody else now sells plates similar to these. One of the really great advantages to these things is the small footprint. With practice ( & a little guts) you learn to program cutter paths close to them &, since there is no bolt head, over the top of them. ...

(Post on the practicalmachinist.com forum)
  Raytheon   A Makino Case Study
Raytheon Logo Jim M.
Raytheon Aircraft

Davis Tool, Inc.
"...We are using them now on some large Boeing hogouts. ...They are great for 2 sided machining, (flipping the part over) and you can't beat them for tool clearance issues. As far as holding power, haven't had any problems at all..."

(From the eMastercam.com forum)
  Davis Tool, Inc.   Kevin C.
Davis Tool, Inc.

E-MasterCam Forum
"+1 on the inverta-bolts. It requires some prep work on the block ahead of time, but they work great for window frame machining. Its a great way to hold parts that have no straight walls for clamping."
  E-MasterCam Forum Online   Colin G.

HM Dunn/ Nex-Tech Aerospace/ Thayer Aerospace
"We've got (2) bolster plates for our SNK high speed 5 axis profiler. Each bolster plate has 640 1/2-13 invert-a-bolts on 4" centers. We load parts on one bolster p[l]ate off-line while the other one is on the machine. On one job we hold an alluminum plate 6" x 58" x 105" The invert-a-bolts work great for us."

(Post on the cnczone.com forum)
  Nex-Tech Aerospace   T. Park
Thayer Aerospace

Qualtronic/ Euro-Precision
"... I don't know if you can remember but we bought and used some 5/8" invert-a-bolts from yourselves last year. We had great success using them. The part was unbelievably difficult to program but using this work holding allowed me to use one fixture to machine the lot. It took some thinking to work out where to leave the tabs but once done it was easy to machine. The part come out flat to within a 0.0025" which was amazing considering the volume of metal removed ... "   Visit Qualtronic   Greg H.
Qualtronic Ltd.

Ellanef Manufacturing/ Magellan Aerospace
"... the shop guys love 'em ... we have even incorporated their use into our Best Practices manual ... "

(Subsidiary of Magellan Aerospace)
  Magellan Aerospace   Joe K.
Ellanef Manuf.

Spirit Aerosystems
"... We have used the invert-a-bolt for quite a while now and it is a very good product.... "   Spirit Aerosystems   Kenny K.
Spirit Aerosystems

"... you can do some pretty wild stuff with them ..."

"I appreciate all the support you have given us. It's been a pleasure working with you."
  Perfekta   Nick G.

Beacon Industries
"... these things are awesome, man! We love these things!..."   Beacon Industries   Mike B.
Beacon Industries

E.F. Bailey
"Thank you the excellent service! I do appreciate the high level of service and the promptness of my order being processed. I had my tracking number within 10 minutes of placing my Rush order! That is the best service anywhere! We look forward to working with you in the future!   EF Bailey   Chris G.
E.F. Bailey

D & S Manufacturing
"...fantastic..."   D&S Manufacturing   Rob. B.
D & S Manuf.

Triumph Group /Excel
"...we love them..."   Excel   Mike

Insight Consulting
"...superior to any other tooling method..."       Kevin E.
Insight Consulting

Accurus Aerospace /Precise Machining & Manufacturing
"...you guys have a great product and we are very happy with the way things turned out..."   Accurus Aerospace Precise Machining & Manufacturing   David S.

Goss International
Regarding the use of Invert-A-Bolt™fasteners: "They worked great! Hopefully I will have a chance to make use of them more in the future."   Goss International   Morgan H.
Goss International

Noranco /Arnold Engineering

"I love your product! ... Thanks for being in business... we love products that help us with Lean...."


"We actually use Your product all over our shop, and they work great for us here at Arnold Engineering/Noranco. We use them on 4 out of 8 5-axis machines and 3-axis machines for an array of purposes from holding parts and fixtures to even mounting parts to be checked by our Quality Assurance dept. 100’s of our fixtures use invert-a-bolts for work holding and they do a tremendous job for us. We haven’t had any flaws or problems with your invert-a-bolt system on any machine or fixtures.

Thank you for taking the time to ask us how your product works for us! We still use your products and would be glad to let any company know how great this system is."

  Noranco /Arnold Engineering  

David G.
Arnold Engineering


Chris P.
Arnold Engineering

Cessna Aircraft
"... I built a tool with the invert a bolt system last spring. To date the system has performed admirably. We have had no maintenance on it and no problems!! I am happy with it's performance ..."   Cessna   Steve D.

Aero, CNC
"... impressive.."       Chris L.

May Tech & Manufacturing
"I ve been using your invert a bolts for a few years now and they work great."   May Tech & Manufacturing   Darrell M.
May Tech & Manuf.

Manes Machine & Engineering Company
"....very impressed with your product and we hope you guys are rich because there are not many products like yours on the market and we hope you will be around for years to come.  We are very pleased with the way it works and we love the product..."   Manes Machine & Engineering Online   Tom
Manes Machine & Engineering Company

Blueswarf - High Speed Machining Optimization Software
"We use Invert-A-Bolt in our demonstration parts. Invert-A-Bolt enables us to machine thin walls and floors without concern of part movement and their low profile allows us to machine most of the workpiece material. The rapid and repeatable changing of parts with Invert-A-Bolt is important to us in trade show and demo environments."   Blueswarf High Speed Machine Optimization Software  

David B.
Blueswarf-the perfect chip


Advanced Precision Machining Inc.
"We reduced our cycle time on one part from 8 hours to 12 minutes, using Invert-A-Bolt™ fasteners."      

Jeff B.
Advanced Precision Machining Inc.


LMI Aerospace /Valent Aerostructures
"We are still using AA02-015-001N & AA02-250-001 bodies – this tooling concept is nothing short of fantastic."   Valent Aerostructures  

Glen C.
Valent Aerostructures

General Atomics
"I am impressed at the efficiency that your company works and the great customer service.  The product has performed excellently and we plan on using more and more of it.

We are investigating more of your products, mainly because of the support you offer and the results of the product we purchased."


  General Atomics  

Scott O.

University Of Ulster
"Just completed an industrial course and used Invert-A-Bolt™ system.

Works excellent. Industrial students impressed with simplicity of the system
Finding a metric fine M20x1.5 tap was the only problem.

Made holding plate with matrix of M20 holes and 10mm dowel locations. Snap-off fixturing excellent."

  University of Ulster  

Wesley M.
University of Ulster, U.K.

Ellwood Texas Forge

"The guys love them [IVB fasteners]."
"It [IVB Fasteners] makes it so easy to quick change"

"We are very happy with your tombstones, fixtures and fasteners."

  Ellwood Texas Forge  

Jesus C.
Ellwood Texas Forge

General Machine-Diecron, Inc.

Manufacturing Page, under "Monolithic Parts"
"Built upon palletized machining centers and the Inverta-bolt® work holding system, GMD is equipped to take on any airframe part at the drop of the hat. The Inverta-bolt® work holding system allows us to go from one part number to the next with very minimal if any set up time. This also eliminates any NRE charges to the customer... with standardized tooling and work practices in our approach we are significantly efficient and productive."
IVB Praise

  General Machine Diecron  

Rusty G.
General Machine

LSC Precision, Inc.

"... slicker than snot..."
"We saved at least 50% on our setup time."

  LSC Precision Inc.  

Scott C. & other
LSC Precision

Odenthal Manufacturing

"... I'm getting ready to use that fixture again and it works really good. We are happy with your products and I won't hesitate to use them again. ..."

"  I appreciate the note and we are completely happy with your products and service!"

  Odenthal Manufacturing  

David O.
Odenthal Mfg

Precision Machine of Savannah, Inc.

“I just wanted to take a second to let you know how Lucky you are to have someone as  ‘Awesome’  as Dena !!   Even though problems prevented you from receiving our order in time…  It finally went thru …  After Closing Time…Dena noticed that we needed it Next Day and went  Above & Beyond  to call me after hours…To verify the order and went even further Above & Beyond to process the order and get it to UPS so that we could receive it in time. We [sincerely appreciate] that kind of Dedication to [your] company and to the customer! Keep Up The Great Job!!”

  PCC Aerostructures  

John H.
Precision M

PCC Aerostructures

“The items arrived yesterday, and looks incredible."

  PCC Aerostructures  

Adrian L. R.

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