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We welcome any links pointing to our site from similar companies. We do not do reciprocal linking except in rare cases.

Here are some examples of links you can place onto your web pages. We prefer text links like the ones below, but you may prefer the image link.

What it will look like: HTML code
Modular Tooling components for high-speed machining and Lean Manufacturing- try Invert-A-Bolt™ Products <a href="http://www.invert-a-bolt.com/" target="_blank" title='modular fixtures and back bolts'><img src="http://www.invert-a -bolt.com/images/elijahlogo_invertabolt_link.jpg" border="0"></a>
Invert-a-Bolt.com High Speed Machining <a href='http://www.invert-a-bolt.com" target='_blank">Invert-a-Bolt.com High Speed Machining</a>
Invert-a-Bolt.com Back Bolts <a href='http://www.invert-a-bolt.com" target='_blank">Invert-a-Bolt.com Back Bolts</a>
Invert-a-Bolt.com Modular Fixturing <a href='http://www.invert-a-bolt.com" target='_blank">Invert-a-Bolt.com Modular Fixturing</a>

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