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FLEXVISE™ Modular 3, 4 or 5 Axis Vise

There is no other dovetail vise like this one! It is a modular dovetail workholding vise solution that doubles as a straight vise. It can be used both with an Invert-A-Bolt™ (IVB) Universal Common Modular Fixture; and as a stand-alone product in any dedicated fixture. One of the best benefits about this product is its ability to grow with your needs. Simply use additional vises for an unlimited number of configurations and stock sizes. This rugged, hardened steel vise brings new meaning to the words flexibility, stability and precision.

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   EZE-F-.500-1250-005 EZE-F-.500-1250-005 EZE-F-.500-1250-005 EZE-F-.500-1250-005 EZE-F-.500-1250-005


FLEXVISE™ Modular Dovetail Vise Features:

  • Easily transforms from a dovetail vise to a straight vise!
  • Standard 15 degree angle.
  • Stand-a-lone: It can be attached/located to any plate type fixture, or (ideally) to an IVB UCMF/Riser either by bolts or by IVB fasteners.
  • Optional serrated gripper for straight side holding.
  • 2" Raised height contributes to solving clearance issues.
  • Controlled height +/-.001".
  • Standard 2” in-line IVB pattern contributes to its modularity.
  • Low profile, small footprint vise is modular so that other vises can be added as part length increases. Only buy what you need. This reduces upfront capital requirements so that new costs are incurred only as the application demands more of them.
  • Attached either by regular bolts (legacy method) or IVB fasteners (quick change). Precisely locate in all 3 axes using standard dowels (legacy) or XZertz™ Retractable Dowel Pins (quick change).
  • Heavy duty, smooth ACME drive screw.
  • Accessible from both sides. Drive it from either side!
  • Quick changes on/off fixtures.
  • All hardware is provided.
  • +/-.0005 hole to hole tolerance on the locating bushings.
  • Standard configuration is for the dovetail. Rotate the pusher jaw and add the spacer accessory for instant straight face holding. This feature provides the flexibility to go back and forth between dovetail and straight faced holding easily.
  • Hold material as thin as 3/8”.
  • Drainage slot for removal of debris.
  • Hardened Steel construction.
  • Great value for all the numerous features.
  • Patent Pending



Flexvise™ Dovetail Vise
Flexvise™ Dovetail Vise $799.95 CAD1 - CAD2 - CAD3
Vise Jaw: Smooth Dovetail or Straight
System: 1/2"
Description: Moveable Modular Vise for multiple axis applications
Straight Vise Soft Jaw Attachment $79.95  
Vise Jaw: Smooth Aluminum
Description: Optional accessory converts dovetail vise to straight vise with soft jaw.
Straight Vise Hard Jaw Attachment $99.95  
Vise Jaw: Smooth Hardened Steel
Description: Optional accessory converts dovetail vise to straight vise with hard jaw.



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